beginners / tour 1

Enduro-riding for the first time


the best choise for beginners and all who have less expirience in motorriding.

We learn the right skills to ride a motorbike on- and off-road. We do our first kilometers off-road.



halfday  ca. 4 hours:    149,- €       (from 3 riders)


fullday   ca. 7 hours:    189,- €       (from 3 riders)

advanced / tour 2

ENDURO-riding... do it right !


It's the tour for all advanced streetriders who wants to learn new skills and ride off-road.

There are little differences between on- and off-road riding that makes it easier to ride .

And you will discover a wonderfull Fuerteventura off-road !


87,144 %  off-road.


halfday  ca. 4 hours:      149,- €         (from 3 riders)


fullday   ca. 7 hours:      189,- €         (from 3 riders) 

shortest enduro-joke:  ... " I know all about !!! "

professionells / tour 3

ENDURO for all who know about...!!!


This is for those who can ride enduro or moto-cross...

sanddunes, dry riverbelts, steep up- and downhill trails, singletrails,                        amazing coastlines and fascinating landscapes inviting you to ride...


 99 % off-road. (streets will be crossed only...:)


halfday  ca. 4 hours:    149,- €      (from 3 riders)


fullday   ca. 7 hours:    189,- €      (from 3 riders)



prices for  "personal guided - tours " for 1 or 2 riders only:


If you want a personell riding just you and the guide, this is your tour:

That doesn't mean you have to be an advanced rider but wants to optimize your skills.


So you will reach your target faster.



         2 riders individual:            179,- € / rider halfday


                                 229,- € / rider fullday


single rider:             229,- € / rider halfday


                                 319,- € / rider fullday



complete protection-gear, insurance with self-cover,

gasoline, tourguide, training, Shuttle-Service is included in the price.