You are an infected enduro-rider, advanced street-rider or beginner in motorcycling?

No problem, we've got the right tours and suitable trainings for you and we offer safe and modern equipment and 20 ! years of experience.

Join our half- or full day endurotours which we offer nearly every day.

Short terms registrations are no problem.

Street-riders on their first trip off-road !

Tour 2

Enduro-riders off-road !

Tour 3


Our equipment:


- 7 x Yamaha WR 250 R,  4-stroke, 31 HP,   2016


- complete Enduro-protection


- insurence, (with self-cover)


- tourguide, trainings


- Shuttle-Service  (Costa Calma, Esquinzo, Jandia, Morro Jable)


- day- / halfday -tours


- weekly events


- several days roundtrips


- Appartment- / hotel convey

          day-  or  halfday - tours


choose your skills


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beginners / tour 1


- novice on motorbike

- no experience in motorbiking

- not driven for a long time or everybody who wants to

  drive better and make first experiences off-road

- for the first kilometers off-road

Tel.: 0034 / 66 97 97 162





... what we are working on ... ;)

true words: 


...your enduro is as good as you..., often better !!!


... don't ride so fast that you fall,... ride as long you won't fall !!!


... to finish first, you first have to finish...


... take your time, we are in a hurry !